About the learning platforms at the university

Cambro and Moodle are the two collaboration and learning platforms most commonly used in courses and programmes at Umeå University. Some courses or programmes use different, local platforms instead. Contact your department for information about in which platform you will find your course or programme.

What can I find in the learning platforms?

There are two learning platforms available for all teachers, students, researchers and other staff at Umeå University, Cambro and Moodle. One of these are being used for educational purposes for most of the web or campus based courses and programmes that use learning platforms.

Since the teacher responsible for the specific course/programme chooses what services and content to use of those available in the learning platform, different courses will have different appearances and contents depending on what parts of Cambro or Moodle the individual teacher finds necessary for his/her particular course. Examples of commonly used services are:

  • Current information from responsible teachers for your courses
  • Course material, in text, sound and/or video
  • Lists of teachers and course members
  • Chats, blogs, forums, e-meeting rooms
  • A digital calendar

How may I reach my course/programme in Cambro or Moodle?

You will reach Cambro and Moodle via the links to the right in this page. To reach your courses, sign in using your user account (Umu-id). If you are admitted to a course at Umeå University for the first time, you will need to activate your Umu-id user account. You will find more information on how to activate your account via the link to the right in this page.

If you already have a user account at Umeå University and have forgotten your user namen or password, you may follow the instructions in the web page for frequently asked questions (link to the right).

If I can´t find my course or programme in Cambro or Moodle

Some departments use their own installations of Moodle, or other learning platforms, for their courses and programmes. If you can´t find your course/programme when signing in to Cambro or Moodle via the sign in links to the right, it may be because it´s in a different learning platform. Contact your department for information on which learning platform is being used for your couse/programme. You may also fint useful information in the web page for frequently asked questions (link to the right).

If you encounter technical problems in Moodle or Cambro, please contact Servicedesk via the contact form (banner to the right) or at phone number (in Sweden) 090-786 63 00.

Page Editor: Annica Höglund

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