About ICT and IT services available for students

As a student at Umeå University, you will have access to a number of IT and information and communication technology (ICT) services. Here is a summary of the services that are available for all Umeå University students.

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Sign in services:

Umu-id (formerly CAS and AD)

Wireless networks:

eduroam UmU wlan

Information on websites:

The student website The website for prospective students The Umeå University Library website The ITS knowledge database (Kunskaps-

Study administrative systems:

Universityadmissions.se Ladok

Services for students:

Portalen (the student portal) Learning platforms E-mail Office 365: e-mail, document storage, collaboration workspaces, Office software

Other support services:

Urkund Microsoft Imagine Software for students who need reading or writing support Self-study material in Microsoft software

Sign in services

Umu-id (formerly CAS and AD)

In order to get access to the central IT systems at Umeå University, you will need a central authentication service username and password (Umu-id). When activating your user account, you will get a username. For students, your Umu-id username is the same as the part before the @-sign in your student e-mail address, i.e. a student with the e-mail address aonmus95@student.umu.se has aonmus95 as username. All students at Umeå University receive a Umu-id username and password when admitted to a course (after the second admission confirmation).

If you encounter problems when trying to sign in, please contact Servicedesk by sending a message via the contact form (find link on this page).

Wireless networks


Umeå University offers eduroam for all students and staff. Eduroam is an international service, offering its members (among others, most of the Swedish universities) a user account which gives them access to this wireless network wherever the service is available. Learn more about eduroam and what universities that are members at www.eduroam.org.

For access to eduroam, you need a personal eduroam certificate (valid for four years) and some configuration in the security set up for your wireless network card.

Visit Servicedesk in the MIT Building to get help setting up the eduroam certificate on your computer. Only registered students and staff can get this service, and you need to sign in to your Umu-id user account to start the set up.

UmU wlan

At campus, the wireless network UmU wlan is also available. Connect to UmU wlan by signing in using your Umu-id user account.

Information on websites

The student website

On the student website, www.student.umu.se/english, you will find the overall information from the university that you may need during your time as a student. You will also find news for students and the calendar, advertising university activities that may be interesting to you.

The website for prospective students

On the website for prospective students, you will find information that you may need when you are about to apply for courses or programmes. You will also find information that may come in handy when you are new as a student at Umeå University.
Prospective students

The Umeå University Library website

On the University Library website you may search for books and articles, renew loans, reserve books that are out on a loan, read e-books and e-articles, book group rooms etc.
Umeå University Library

The ITS knowledge database (Kunskapsdatabasen)

In the knowledge database, Kunskapsdatabasen, you may find instructions, answers to questions and information concerning the IT systems at Umeå University. Most of the information is only available in Swedish, but you may find information about the student portal, Portalen, in English here.

Study administrative systems

For applications and admission to courses/programmes - Universityadmissions.se/NyA

Umeå University is acceded to the national admissions system for higher education, called NyA. It is directly connected to the application website for higher education, Universityadmissions.se. The personal and application data that you state in your application at Universityadmissions.se are automatically transferred to NyA.

Your study records will be updated in NyA only during the ongoing admission period when you have applied for studies for the coming semester. Otherwise, your study records at Universityadmissions.se may be incorrect. For correct information about your study records, you need to get data from the study documentation system Ladok. This is the data that you will get access to when signing in to Portalen (see more information further below).

For study documentation - Ladok (LPW)

The Swedish national system where data for your course registrations and results is recorded, is called Ladok. You will find the data for your studies in Portalen. You may also ask the study administrator at your department or turn to Infocenter for transcripts of records.
About Ladok

Services for students


Portalen is a so-called personalized portal that is available for all students at Umeå University. In Portalen you will find your study records, your student e-mail, the consent service to get access to student discounts, the degree application service and many of the services provided by the University Library (UB).
About Portalen

Learning platforms

Umeå University provides access to two learning platforms used for education and course administration: Cambro and Moodle. You may sign in to both Cambro and Moodle at www.student.umu.se/english (and to the right at this page).
About the learning platforms at the university

In addition to these, some departments use their own systems for some of their courses; turn to your department for information about which platform is being used for your course or programme.


Once you have a activated your user account, you automatically get access to a student e-mail account in Live@edu. You will reach this e-mail account in Portalen. This is the default e-mail account (address) that the university will use when corresponding with you.

You automatically also get access to an account in GoogleApps. You may choose either of these accounts, or your own personal account, as the one you wish to use for your correspondance with the university (and your fellow students). To choose a different primary account for your student e-mail correspondance, go to Servicedesk and sign in using your CAS user identity. Click 'My pages'/'E-mail settings' in the right hand menu to manage your accounts.
To Servicedesk

GoogleApps gives you access to 1 GB storage area, and at least 7 GB area for your e-mail. You will reach your account via the link below.
To GoogleApps

Office 365 - e-mail, document storage, collaboration workspaces, Office software

As a student, you have access to Microsoft Office 365 for your student email and other services, giving you better opportunities for communication and collaboration with other students.
About Office 365

Other support services

Urkund - a service to screen for plagiarism

Some of the university´s departments use Urkund in their courses or programmes, to verify that your written reports or examinations are not plagiarised. Talk to your department for more information about how Urkund is being used in your course/programme.
About Urkund

Microsoft Imagine - get access to Microsoft development software

Imagine is a Microsoft Program that supports (above all) technical education by providing free access for all Umeå University students and staff to Microsoft developer and design software for learning, teaching and research purposes. Imagine includes most of the applications that Microsoft provides, but not Office.

In order to get access to Microsoft Imagine you need to sign up and verify that you are a student at Umeå University. You do this at the tab "Software and IT tools" in Portalen.

More information about Imagine in the knowledge database (Manual):
About Microsoft Imagine

Software for students who need reading or writing support

The university offers software designed to make it easier to read and write on computers. These are:

  • spelling software in Swedish and English
  • speech synthesis software with multi-language support. They can read text in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word
  • dictionaries (Swedish and Swedish/English).

As a student, you will be able to reach the software via the tab “Software and IT tools” in Portalen (the student portal).

Self-study material in Microsoft software

As a student at Umeå University, you get free access to Microsoft IT Academy Program. This gives you the opportunity to do self-studies in Microsoft software. The education is web-based and interactive, which means that you study at your computer when it suits you best.

You will be able to reach the self-study material at the tab “Software and IT tools” in Portalen.

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