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In these pages you will find useful information for current students at Umeå University. A summary of this information is described below.

Regardless of your study plan, you may need to apply for new courses and make choices along your way to a degree. At our campuses there are different kinds of help, service and support available for you as a student.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students with disabilities are offered support and services during the studies.

The Academic Resource Center, situated in the University Library premises, can give you help and support in oral, written or study technique related issues.

During your time as a student at Umeå University you can consult the Student Health Service for questions regarding your mental or physical health, your social or study situation. The Student Health Service works as a complement to the Swedish public health system.

There are rights and obligations regulating studies at Umeå University that you need to know of. You may also need to know what to do if you get sick during your studies.

If you need study counselling there are study counsellors both at the departments and in Infocenter. As an international student at Umeå University, you also have the possibility to study abroad.

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