Write here, Write now - an introductory workshop series for PhD students

We believe providing a variety of settings for students to talk about writing can shift views from writing as a solitary, isolating task to an activity that merits conversation and exploration with others. The new workshop series, Write Here. Write Now. with its five workshops aspires to create such a setting by covering the following topics: Critical reading, the literature review, writing an abstract, presenting, and writing the first article. Join the conversation.

These workshops must be signed up for in advance. Sign up at the links below.

Workshops Autumn 2017

October 17 Mastering the maze of the text: Tips on critical reading and extracting content
November 7 Down the rabbit hole: Strategies for writing the literature review
November 21 Extracting the cream from the milk: Some guidelines for writing an abstract
December 5 Speaking to the crowds: Techniques for presenting your research
December 12 Eating the elephant one bite at a time: Some tips for writing the first article

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13:00 – 15:30
(see dates at the workshop schedule)

​Conference Room 2


Computer Lab 2, University Library