Examination procedure for external students

The following applies for external students who want to do an examination at Umeå University

Students studying at other higher education institutions have the possibility of doing an examination at Östra paviljongen, Umeå University, provided that:

  • a room and invigilator are available
  • the department in charge at the student’s higher education institution pays the requested fee which is currently SEK 500 + VAT for one student per examination.


  1. A student who wishes to do an examination contacts the relevant department at the higher education institution in question.
  2. The department in question books a day and time via Tentamensservice, Umeå University, and provides an invoice reference.
  3. Tentamensservice deals with the administration concerning the examination, the room and invigilator.

The former Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (Högskoleverket) established that a higher education institution does not have the right to charge a student from another higher education institution (2002-11-21, U2002/3896/UH), which means it is not the student who is to pay the fee but the higher education institution where the student is studying that is to be invoiced.

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