Student Health Service (Studenthälsan)

The Student Health Service is closed between June 20 and August 5. We open again on Wednesday August 6. If you need medical advice during summer, you can call 1177.

Welcome to the Student Health Service! Being in good health is valuable to cope with your studies.

The Student Health Service is available for students* at Umeå University and students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå.

All our services are free of charge. We observe confidentiality.

The Student Health Service works with health promotion and prevention for students. We serve as a complement to the Swedish health care system.

Please note that there is no doctor working at the Student Health Service.

For more information about our services and other health information links in the left hand menu and banners to the right on this page.

Find your way to the Student Health Service at Campus UmeåVisiting adress: The Administration building, East wing, level 2.

*Please note: doctoral students should turn to the occupational health care services.
For doctoral students at Umeå University For doctoral students at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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