Welcome to Aurora, the students' light and quiet room for rest and recovery. Students and PhD students at Umeå university and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå (SLU) may visit Aurora.

Access to Aurora

You don´t need to make an appointment to visit Aurora. As a student at Umeå University, you have access with your UmU card.

As a student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå, you will need a visitors card. Go to "Husservice" in the Social Sciences Building to pick up a visitors card. Bring your ID-card and tell the staff that you are a student at SLU.

About Aurora

In Aurora there are daylight lamps and the room is all in white. The light does not replace the natural daylight outdoors. Here, you and other visitors can take a break from everyday life. You can sit or lie down to rest, read a book or listen to music. There are yoga mats, cushions, blankets and a CD-player with discs. If you like, you can borrow a white robe to wear over you clothes, to help keep the room as light as possible. Don't wear a white robe if you are going to lie on the floor.

The room will be cleaned on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 13. You don't need to leave the room during that time.

Rules for everyones comfort

  • Take off your outerwear and shoes before you enter the room. You are responsible for your valuables and can bring them in to the room.
  • Do not use a mobile phone or a computer in the room. If you have a computer or mobile phone with you, ensure they are silent.
  • Aurora is not intended for studies.
  • You are not allowed to eat or drink in Aurora.
  • Show consideration to others and keep in mind that Aurora is supposed to be a quiet room.
  • Clean up after yourself and put back things you have borrowed.

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Opening hours for Aurora

Monday-Friday 07.30-17.30

Visit Aurora

Student Health Service, Student Services

Visiting address

Social Sciences Building, entrance Hörsalstorget 6, level 1 (next to "Campusbokhandeln").

If you need to use an elevator, please enter the building through one of the main entrances (for example at the Lindell Hall) and on to the elevator outside "Café Tornet").

Aurora - det ljusa, lugna rummet

Image: Annica Höglund

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