Falling ill during your studies

In case you would fall ill during your studies, it´s important that you have a medical insurance policy from your home country that covers the time of your stay in Sweden. If you do not have proof of health insurance, any medical care that you seek in Sweden may get very expensive.

As an international or an exchange student, you will also find useful information in the Survival Guide.

To the right on this page, you will find links to more information about health or dental care during your period of study in Sweden. If you need help and guidance regarding how to get medical care, you are welcome to contact the Student Health Service.

Local health care center

If you need to see a doctor during your period in Umeå, you can make an appointment at a health care center. You are free to choose your health centre. The phone numbers and addresses to health care centres are listed on the website for Västerbotten County Council (link to the right).

Medical advice (sjukvårdsrådgivning)

You can also get medical advice by calling the medical care hotline, dial  1177. The number is available at all hours.

For emergencies - dial 112

Dial 112 and you will come to an emergency call center that dispatches all the county's emergency vehicles and ambulances.

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