Study abroad

Do you want to challenge yourself and gain invaluable experiences? Get to know a new country, culture, and make new friends? Strengthen your CV with international experiences? Take the opportunity to study abroad!

student looking at a map
Image: Connor Bleakley

Studying abroad means so much more than just studies! To live in another country with a different culture broadens horizons, builds confidence and increases tolerance and understanding. In addition, studies abroad is a merit for the future. It is an experience you do not want to be without!

Two ways to study abroad

If you want to spend part of your studies abroad there are two ways: you can either go as an exchange student or organise your studies on your own as a so called freemover.

Study as an exchange student

To study as an exchange student means that you apply for one of the exchange places Umeå University has through agreements with partner universities around the world. Which countries and universities you can go to depends on what you study here in Umeå. In the agreement database you can search among the agreements Umeå University has with foreign universities.

Meet international students at home

If you want to meet new people from other cultures and improve your language skills – apply to join the Buddy Programme! Through the programme you help international students to settle in Umeå and together you organise social activities during the term.

Organise studies on your own, freemover

You can choose to arrange your studies abroad on your own and not as an exchange student. You go as a so-called freemover and have to arrange all practical matters by yourself. Keep in mind that some professions require you to have a Swedish license to practice in Sweden.