Organise studies abroad on your own, freemover

Do you want to study at a university that we do not have an exchange agreement with? If so, you can of course organise your studies abroad on your own. You decide where to go and how long you'll be there. Remember that you have to arrange everything on your own so be sure to prepare carefully.

Be thorough in your research of both education and universities. Carefully consider what you want to do when you come back to Sweden, whether you want to study or start working. Keep in mind that some professions require you to have a Swedish license to practice in Sweden.

What help can I get from Umeå University?

If you want to organise studies abroad on your own at a university that Umeå University has an exchange agreement with, the International Office or your department may be able to help with some information. You must contact the university by yourself to submit your application.

If you intend to arrange for studies at a university that we do not have an exchange agreement with, Umeå University has no information to provide.

Can I get financial aids for studies?

To be eligible for financial aid to study abroad, you must meet special requirements. The requirements differ depending on whether you are applying for student aid or a study allowance. You can read more at:

Transfer your credits

To help the accreditation of courses you have completed at another university, you should always consult your course selection with your study counsellor or programme coordinator before you go. There is no guarantee that you will be able to transfer all the courses you choose to study at the foreign university. You apply to have your credits transferred when you return to Umeå.

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