Support for students with disabilities

As a student or doctoral student with a disability at Umeå University, you can receive different types of support in connection with your studies. On these web pages, you can find information about how to apply for support, what types of support you can receive and other things that you should consider.

What does "support for disabilities" mean?

The idea behind pedagogical support is that students and doctoral students with disabilities can pursue their studies on the same conditions as other students. To a certain extent, the support should compensate for the difficulties the disability presents.

If you do not have a permanent disability but a temporary injury or illness, you are not entitled to receive pedagogical support for disabilities. In such cases, contact your department about the possibility to get support based on your needs.

What is a disability?

Disability: permanent physical, mental or intellectual limitation of a person’s functional capacity that as a consequence of injury or illness existed at birth, has arisen since then or can be expected to arise. (Discrimination Act, SFS 2008:567)

When should I apply for support?

If you are in need of adjustments that take time to prepare, you shall send in your application for pedagogical support in connection with your application for education at Umeå University. Otherwise, apply for support after you have been admitted and replied to your Notification of Selection Results for education at Umeå University. Read more about how to apply on Apply for support.

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