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Whether you plan to work on your own or find permanent employment, there are many ways to prepare yourself for the job market already during your studies. Here, you can get tips on how you can increase your chances of getting the job you want.

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Working experience like projects, internships, dissertations or theses may be crucial to your competitive edge in the labor market after graduation.

Search for a job - will soon be avalible in english

We have created a guide - Time to apply for a job - which provides you as a student who is on his/her way into work with useful information. It can be a great support in all stages of the job search process. The guide helps you to:

  • Identify your skills and match it with the job
  • Write a competitive CV
  • Write a good cover letter
  • Prepare for the interview

Start your own business

Innovation Office North and Uminova Innovation can help you to test and develop your business idea and build a growing business. They contribute with important contacts, structured business support and experienced business coaches who would challenge you to think about growth. The service is completely free of charge; whether you have a few thoughts on paper, an almost complete business plan or an existing business.

Become an alumnus

Our alumni service offers you as an alumnus (former student) various opportunities to develop your professional role and career together with Umeå University.

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Department of External Relations:

Mats Reinhold, career counselor

Victoria Sörensson, career counselor

Erika Lind, coordinator of graduate job/essay assignments