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On this page you will find information about degrees at Umeå University. By choosing a page in the menu, you can learn more about degree requirements, how to apply for a degree or find information about transfer of credits. You can also find frequently asked questions about degrees in the menu.

Degree certificateWhy should I apply for a degree and how do I apply?

The most common aim for studies is to obtain a university degree. When you have completed your studies, you apply for the degree yourself. Your application will be checked against applicable national and local higher education qualification rules. When you have received your degree, you are well equipped for a professional life outside the university. In most cases, your degree will qualify you for studies at a higher level.

Apply for your Bachelor´s or Master´s degree in Portalen. To apply for a degree of Licentiate or Doctor, you need to use a special application form. You will find more information about applying on:Apply for your Degree

How do I know if I qualify for a certain degree?

The degree requirements valid at the time when you apply for your degree determines whether the degree certificate can be issued or not. Degree requirements are listed in the Higher Education Ordinance and the local Umeå University degree ordinance (written in Swedish).

Based on these rules, all degrees have their own specific requirements. This means that every degree has an established local qualification descriptor (written in Swedish) at Umeå University. If you need guidance or study planning, you should contact the student counselor at the responsible department (or equivalent).

More information can be accessed on:Degree Requirements

What degrees can be issued by Umeå University?

There are three types of degrees in the Swedish higher education system: general degrees, degrees in the fine, applied and performing arts and professional degrees. You can find all degrees listed on:Degrees at Umeå University

Degree Certificate and Diploma Supplement

Your degree certificate will show the title of your degree (for example Degree of Bachelor of Science) as well as the courses that are included in your degree. The Degree Certificate will be written in both Swedish and English and is free of charge.

A Diploma Supplement describes your education and the Swedish higher education system. It is written in English and is included along with the degree certificate.
Diploma Supplement

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